Friday, November 30, 2007

Page 2

This page ended up being a complete and utter failure at what I intended. I was using Google Sketchup to build these really great backgrounds to use as basic ideas for drawing out full bgs for this page of an intricate school...

but somehow my files exported like turds throw at a helicopter blade and I was running short on time as it was. So I settled for hack backgrounds that nowhere near told the state of the area like I wanted.

Ah well. From failure comes our strength. And sheepish grins of defeat.

Stag also went through a fast transition here. Originally this page was to take place long before Katherine was to get her abilities and Stag was going to be her older brother who picked on her. But somehow when I drew him on page he came out younger than intended and just made he and Kat very close in age. Strange how the process works.

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