Friday, November 30, 2007

Page 4

Other than Kat looking a little too much like a brain damaged Ariel(Little Mermaid) in the bottom left panel. I think this page was also pretty close to what I'd intended. So I was happy with it. Damn that wobbly Yin Yang up in the top right though. Somehow compression corrupted the file of both the TIF and final JPG format and really whacked out that Yin Yang...suuucks.

There were also some comments elsewhere that had suggested a weirdness about the dialogue conveying a feminist appeal but still showing bare ass. It's true, I'm torn between my utter respect and adoration for the stronger sex (Yes men, women are tougher than us. They give birth to BABIES and at best we cry when we have constipation. Bite the bullet and accept that women are hard as nails compared to men) and my love of the female figure. Basically consider it a differing of opinions between the writer and the artist of this strip and pay no attention to the fact that they are the same person.

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