Friday, November 30, 2007

Page 5

A LOT of people had been asking "Why was Kat helping the police and then suddenly being arrested."

All I can say, people is that the joke here completely bombed. It was meant as a mislead to make you think she intended to do right and work alongside the police, but in fact she was the one running away from them from the get go.

The other question raised is WHY is she running from the cops. THAT question will be answered in a couple weeks. Sorry for the wait, but it's not like it's story shattering or anything. Just the pacing of the pages.


Xandra said...

I got the joke and loved it. Great build up leading to a crash and burn. The dialog in the last panel was clasic and so much fun.

paul said...

Great stuff Matthew. Love both the art and writing. Though I would like to see you use some bolder line work and some heavy blacks to bring out the art more. Keep it up, you've got a bright future ahead.
I'm a professional illustrator and I know talent when I see it.