Friday, November 30, 2007

Page 8

Like the last page said I was working on this page as of 4am on the day it was due. Needless to say this turned into a very weird page since the anatomy and design work is way off on this one. Not to mention the coloring was done in less than 25 minutes.

But c'est la vie. In the end I did in fact want this as a splash to be a lead in to more story since the 8 pages shown here and on Zuda were a teaser for the rest of the story and I wanted this to have an abrupt commercial break feeling.

Well that's it for the first 8 pages of Battlefield Babysitter.

We'll be right back after these messages.


Shikaru said...

holy smokes batman!
nice to see you got a blog man! :D

Bobby Timony said...

Your critiques of your own work are informative and refreshingly candid, but I feel like you're being a bit hard on yourself.
Granted, you were in a hurry, but as much as the imperfections bother you, you have to admit that there's alot to like about it too.
I know we can be our own worst critics sometimes. My completely unsolicited advice is to try to start off with some good observations before you tackle the bad.

MetFanMac said...

This was my favorite comic in the Zuda competition. Too bad you didn't win.

David said...

Glad to see you're going to continue on with this. Now I can get my fix! :D

Drowemos said...

So can we have a paypal button or something to donate with. I loved this comic and really want to see more. I'll give you money.

D Donna said...

I too really enjoyed your entry in Zuda, much more so than any of the others.

I'm saddened that you didn't win, but am glad I have somewhere to look for more of your good work.

You'll be seeing me as a regular devoted reader from now on.

SunnyvaleTrash said...

Funny stuff, I hope to see more of it. My favorite from the November Zuda entries.

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