Friday, November 30, 2007

Welcome to Battlefield Babysitter

Hey everyone. Just a welcome note to bring you all up to speed. Battlefield Babysitter was a concept I came up with a couple years ago but could never find the time to do anything with. Not even come up with an outline.

That was until Kwanza Johnson at came knocking and asked me for a pitch for their first competition. Well I dug up something else and it was just not ready to go, so I looked back at this little folder with some sketches of our mohawk wearing gal and thought -- What the hell, it's not like she's doing anything else.

In the long run I ended up rushing out some script work and the first 8 strips of Battlefield Babysitter in about 9 days. These first 8 pages are by far under par for my normal work but somehow I still eeked out a 2nd Place final standing in Zuda's first competition.

Some of you were kind enough to encourage me along the way and as promised, I will repay the kindness by continuing Battlefield Babysitter here on this blog. So check back here often as I'll be posting up new pages. No idea what kind of schedule I'm looking at yet, but I will be updating, that's for sure.

Thanks for everything and enjoy the ride.

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