Thursday, August 7, 2008

Coming back soon

So I'm wrapping up my work on Vix! for Image Comics and I have another project I'm working on but it's a little bit more my own pace than deadline crazy. So what's that mean for BFB? Well what that means is that I'm aiming for a dive back spot here in September.

I appreciate everyone who's hung back with me over this past 8 months wondering WTF is going on, but here's the cat out of the bag for what I have planned...

I'm redoing BFB from the start. I haven't been happy with the artwork for the first 9 at all. I rushed the hell out of them when I first did them and having a mini-series under my belt through Image has taught me a lot about my storytelling abilities. So Coming in September (firm date to come soon) I'll be reposting the story starting from #1 with a bit better art and some better scripting as well.

So stay tuned Babysitters, we'll be up and running soon.